Articles tagged ‘Sarah Groth’

An outline in red of an abstract figure moving against embossed white paper.

New Orleans

Albuquerque-based poet and choreographer Tara King’s poem “New Orleans” brings to visceral life the air coursing through a body while enjoying “The Big Easy.”

A black and white abstract illustration.

strikethrough #1

Dancer, poet, and filmmaker Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş poem “strikethrough #1” is part of a project using erasure poetry to create choreographic scores.

An illustration of gesturing arms and hands reaching out of abstract shapes and colors.


In Cleo Person’s poem “Emily,” she creates a swirl of poetic gestures and details, “each finger paints the space like form and light.”

An illustration of two feet surrounded by abstract colors and shapes.

dancer’s litany

In Aura Fischbeck-Wise’s poem “dancer’s litany,” she describes feet and minds “seeking out the substance of space and time and a way to make it matter.”