dancer’s litany


In doorways and canyons and empty rooms,

on the edges of cities and in the middle of traffic

or a thunderstorm

At the ocean, by a lake, near the road and under bridges.


(Our) feet land on terra firma

with minds like antennae scanning the atmosphere

Seeking out the substance of space and time and a way to make it matter


With a sort of open eyed listening,

seeking the meaning of energy,

force, propulsion, rhythm and effort

with a lightness that is more divining than exacting.


This is a certain way to live in the world.


Walking around with open channels

receiving the nuanced broadcasts of shared realities . . .

The ones that float in the ether and arrive all at once at many places


Some of us look for these places, and name them like children.


We share a dream of a common language

which cannot actually ever be spoken

(and this makes all the difference)


As we live our lives absorbing chemistry, electricity, matter and emptiness (space)

Returning and departing

as often as we can.

An illustration of two feet surrounded by abstract colors and shapes.


Aura Fischbeck-Wise is a San Francisco based choreographer/performer, improviser, movement educator and writer, a Philadelphia native, a first generation American of German descent, and a second-generation dance artist. Her work investigates the complexity of her lived experience through practices that invite noticing the interplay between perception, proprioception and presence. She moves towards the constancy of change as a way to locate herself as one who is committed to a life in motion. She orients towards the phenomenological world as moving towards more and more understanding of multiple realities unfolding simultaneously. She holds an MFA in dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (2022) and a BA in dance and poetry from Naropa University. Aura Fischbeck Dance is fiscally sponsored by Dancers’ Group.

Sarah Groth is an interdisciplinary performer, choreographer, teacher, poet, and mixed medium visual artist. After achieving a degree in Contemporary Dance and Intercultural Communications from the University of New Mexico, Sarah set out as an independent artist and traveler. She has had the privilege of moving, creating, and performing with renowned international artists across the world. Sarah has been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Blue Mesa Review, Daily Lobo, Stance on Dance, and Forty South. Sarah is committed to addressing the complexities of humanness in conjunction with self and community — aiming to bring the intensely intimate forward, creating openness within juxtaposition and identity.