• Sloka bends over one leg, gesturing toward her flexed foot. She wears a green and red sari.

    Intersections of Bharatanatyam and Neuroscience

    Sloka Iyengar, a Bharatanatyam dancer and neuroscientist in New York City, is interested in questions about the intersection of Bharatanatyam and neuroscience, as well as…

  • Dancers wearing white move around the stage lifting long tube-like structures.

    Impacting Many

    Valerie Green, a dance artist in Queens, New York City, and the director of Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, shares how her choreography, teaching, and studio all come together to…

  • A woman in a glass cube moves almost upside down. Around her, people walk up and down public stairs.

    Different Ways of Organizing Bodies in Time and Space

    German dance artist Fabian Chyle shares some of his long career as a dance/movement therapist, teacher, and choreographer, and how he views it all as different ways of organizing…

  • Three smaller drawings all showing black figures dancing outside.

    Appreciating and Experiencing Nature

    New York-based interdisciplinary artist Rebecca Zeh showcases the exultancy of dancing outdoors through her mixed media visual art.

    An outline in red of an abstract figure moving against embossed white paper.

    New Orleans

    Albuquerque-based poet and choreographer Tara King’s poem “New Orleans” brings to visceral life the air coursing through a body while enjoying “The Big Easy.”