• A performer's hand and arm extend from an out of frame torso. Audience members watch in the background.

    Finding the Response

    Christine Cali, director of CALI & CO in the Bay Area, and longtime collaborator Farrah McAdam discuss their upcoming piece, "PERFECT.RESPONSE.," a collaboration with musician The…

  • Darrell wears a chainmail shirt and black shorts and looks as if he is breaking free of the shirt, his body flexed and his wrists in fists.

    Endurance, Longevity, and Rest

    Bay Area-based dancer, teacher and writer Jill Randall converses with Chicago-based dancer, teacher, and choreographer Darrell Jones about endurance, longevity, and rest.

  • Shebana is in a stone tunnel. Light falls on her from a shaft and she artfully crosses her arms in front of her,

    Of Stones and Dance

    Shebana Coelho, a flamenco dancer originally from India and currently based in Spain, meditates on connecting her dance with Urdu poetry.

  • Willyum stands on a small white quare table onstage dressed in a patchwork costume. He looks behind him with a purple pillow on his shoulder. and carrying a

    A Multifaceted Dance Journey

    Vogue and physical theater artist Willyum LaBeija descibres the many facets of his performing career, from the US Army to the Royal House of LaBeija to UMO Ensemble in Seattle's…

    Two dancers link arms and lean back. Behind them in a live onstage band.

    Spreading the Joy of Swing Dance

    Dance writer Bonnie Eissner converses with New York City based choreographer Caleb Teicher about SW!NG OUT, the critically acclaimed presentation of Lindy Hop. Part performance, part dance party, SW!NG OUT brings the Jazz Age dance into its second century.