• The Infinite Art of “Making It”

    Carrie Reynolds, a founder and member of Dark Sky Aerial in Flagstaff, AZ, reflects on how "making it" is the process of turning a visionary dream into an evolving reality.

  • Michaela Knox and another dancer with their arms extended in front of them

    “If I Am Growing, I Am Succeeding”

    Michaela Knox, director of Spark Dance Program in Maine, reflects on how she has developed healthier ways to evaluate success in teaching and performance.

  • Charlotte Moraga dancing in a swirling green and gold dress

    Innovating Kathak Dance

    Kathak dancer/choreographer Charlotte Moraga and sarod musician Alam Khan discuss their upcoming work "Mantram" and how they are innovating within the kathak tradition.

  • Vanessa Cruz in white long tutu dancing next to her walker

    My Ancestor’s Wildest Dream

    Vanessa Cruz, a dance artist based in Southern California, relates how she has faced relentless ableism in her pursuit of a dance degree and other opportunities, and how "making…

    Two men in classical pas de deux pose

    Expanding Who Dances En Pointe

    Roberto Vega Ortiz and Theresa Knudson of Ballet22, a ballet company in the Bay Area that seeks to break gender normative traditions, talk about how they hope to change representation in the ballet field by presenting mxn en pointe.

    Danielle dancing with her face projected on the wall behind her

    The Making It Mindset

    Danielle Reddick, a performer in Santa Fe, NM, shares how she found a way to work creatively and sustainably after experiencing burnout from touring in a Broadway production.

    Headshots and dance photos of Bridge Project leaders

    Shifting Toward Models of Equity

    Cherie Hill, Hope Mohr, and Karla Quintero, co-directors of The Bridge Project in the Bay Area, talk about their programming and their distributed leadership model, as well as Hope’s recent book reflecting on 10 years of The Bridge Project.