• Four dancers move about on a red and silver lit stage covered with many props.

    Scores for Improvising with Ancestors

    Kevin O’Connor, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in collaboration, improvisation, community-engaged arts, somatics, ecology, and queer art practices, writes an…

  • A mom and her grown son stand crossed arms next to each other and smile at the camera.

    A Chance to Dance

    Mary Elizabeth Lenahan chronicles the story of former dancer Adelaide Vienneau, who danced with Dance Theatre of Harlem, and her son Preston, who is on the autism spectrum and…

  • Shannon leans on a building with her hand on a white wall and her body and head turned away on a pick wall.

    Harnessing the Infradian Cycle to Enhance Artistic Practice

    Shannon Leypoldt, a dance artist, teacher, and sports massage therapist based in Berlin, looks at the link between artistic practice and the menstrual cycle.

  • An image of a person walking in a barren Southwest landscape.

    Resuenen: Interpretive Views of the Border

    Micaela Gardner, a dancer and choreographer living in Baja, Mexico, reflects on making "Resuenen," an interpretive dance film that explores the US-Mexico border.

  • Erin hugs themself into a ball, balancing on their butt onstage. They are wearing a red leotard with red hair in a bun.

    Circus Centering Disability

    Erin Ball, Vanessa Furlong, and April Hubbard, who perform as LEGacy Circus in Canada, describe their use of leg attachments, mobility aids, and traditional and non-traditional…

    Liz sits in the sand wearing a blue outfit with her skin painted blue. A desert scene is behind her.

    Radical Aesthetics and the Winds of Change

    Liz Duran Boubion, director/choreographer of Piñata Dance Collective and director of the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers in the Bay Area, meditates on how a residency in the Sonoran desert influenced her thoughts on death and political change.