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Dancers of different ages spread out on stage facing different directions and wearing different colored dresses.

Expanding the Circle of Dancers

Risa Jaroslow, a choreographer based in the Bay Area, discusses how her upcoming piece “Talking Circle” imagines a turning point in the life of a small community, as well as how her interest evolved to include nontrained performers in her choreography.

Yashoda wears a red sari with gold jewelry. One arm is extended in front of her with her thumb lifted. The other arm is near her chest bent at the embow with two fingers extended.

Reclaiming An Invisible Woman’s Dance

Dr. Yashoda Thakore, a Kuchipudi dancer and scholar in India, researches the Kalavantulu, the women temple dancers from Telugu-speaking areas. She describes their historical significance and why she is trying to erase the stigma around them through education.

Dance Artists' National Collective against a blue background

Advocating for Equity Across the Dance Field

Dance Artists’ National Collective, a united group of dancers advocating for safe, equitable, and sustainable working conditions for dancers in the US, shares how their initiatives work to create more transparency and equity in the dance field.

Pual stands over his toes and leans back, his arms extended upward. He is wearing a silvery shirt and pants.

Finding the Humanity in Dance’s Legacy

Paul Dennis, a dancer, choreographer, regisseur, and the Chair of the Dance Department at Hunter College in NYC, shares how his personal dance history led him to his work preserving the legacies of many of modern dance’s greatest choreographers.

Joe gives direction to two dancers. Some dummies are lying on the floor. The photo is in black and white with stark shadows.

Saving Space

Joe Landini, founder and current director of operations at SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts in San Francisco, CA, shares what his ride has been like running SAFEhouse in its various iterations over the years and how it intersects with his own choreography and creative endeavors.