Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

A row of four illustrations of dancers in different poses.

Considering and Supporting Difference

Jess Lowe at One Dance UK discusses “Considering Difference – Making Dance Accessible,” a resource that seeks to bring awareness to access barriers in dance spaces, and to suggest actions that promote independence and inclusion.

One shimmering human is held aloft by six others, legs straight and sharp, arm wearily reaching toward light, all wearing sequin costumes of gold, silver, black, blue, and purple.

Democratizing Dance

Pioneer Winter, choreographer and artistic director of Pioneer Winter Collective, an intergenerational, queer, and physically integrated company based in Miami, Florida, shares his belief that dance should not be exclusionary.

Several blurry dancers writhe on the floor with what appear to be strings connecting them.

Butoh and Neuroscience

Colombian neuroscientist Dr. Luis Roberto Amador López, theoretical physicist Dr. José Jairo Giraldo Gallo, and butoh choreographer Brenda Polo research the effects butoh has on the brain and emotions in their project “Black Hole.”