Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

Eric Kupers giving notes

Rethinking Inclusion and Performance

Bay Area multidisciplinary artist Eric Kupers discusses the impetus for the Inclusive Performance Festival, how “inclusion” is an ever-expanding term, and why new ways of thinking about performance are more needed than ever.

Raven dancing in a labyrinth of rocks

Finding Their Voice, Forging Their Way

Bay Area-based dancer/choreographer Raven Malouf-Renning shares their experience finding their voice as a fat and non-binary performer, as well as their involvement helping to organize “Wandering in the Wilderness” as part of the Inclusive Performance Festival.

Shapes and Shades Dance Company in Magical Bodies

Promoting Fat and Body Outsider Dance

California-based choreographer Megan Briceno discusses how the intolerance she faced as a fat dancer led her to form Shapes and Shades Dance Company, as well as why she is organizing the Fat Body Positive Performing Arts Showcase for the Inclusive Performance Festival.