Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

A dancer in a yellow shirt and blue skirt whips her braids to the side under dramatic lighting.

Dance as Social Action

Ana Maria Alvarez, director of Los Angeles-based CONTRA-TIEMPO, reflects on some of the company’s history and influences as well as how the company draws on dances from the Afro-Latine diaspora.

A dancer in a studio is low on her knee and foot, looking upward.

Ephemeral Anthologies

Bay Area-based Robert Moses’ KIN’s upcoming show deals with issues of silence and censorship. Robert Moses speaks about how he’s approaching this project as an anthology, and the guest choreographers share what this subject matter means to them.

Melanie does a kick forward onstage.

Perceiving and Being Perceived

Melanie Greene, a dancer, choreographer, writer, and podcaster currently based in New Orleans, explores the Black female experience through an Afro-futuristic lens, as well as the intersections of her performance and journalistic experiences.