Articles from the ‘Interviews’ collection

Two dancers dance in silhouette against a sunset in the desert wearing straw hats.

Reclaiming Time and Place

Nikesha Breeze, Miles Tokunow, and MK discuss their piece “Stages of Tectonic Blackness,” performed in the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque and in Blackdom, NM, which posits that a resting Black body on the earth is a radical act.

A dancer midway up a very tall ladder in Grace Cathdral leans toward a light.

A Study of Surrender

Zaccho Dance Theatre artists Veronica Blair, Ciarra D’Onofrio, Suzanne Gallo, Saharla Vetsch, and Helen Wicks share how their upcoming aerial dance performance of “Love, a state of grace” at Grace Cathdral in San Francisco is a study of surrender, as well as how the apparatuses they dance on augment the meditative quality of the work.

Natalie posed with one arm overhead and one arm to the side standing between two columns outside and wearing a sky blue long dress.

Promoting Persianate Dance

Natalie Nayun, a dancer, teacher, and the founder of Pomegranate Garden Dance, shares more about the dances of Central Asia including Persian, Afghan, Tajik, and Uzbek dance, and how her online platform has increased access to study these dance styles.