Retracing Her Steps


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Georgie Goater, a dance artist and pedagogue based in Helsinki, Finland, and originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand). Georgie describes her early attraction to dance as a place of nonverbal communication where she discovered through improvisation that there is no right or wrong. She reflects on her introduction to integrated dance through Touch Compass Dance Company in New Zealand. Later, her path led her to Helsinki where she concentrated on pedagogy and immersed herself in the Finnish dance community. Silva and Georgie contemplate the importance and impossibility of acknowledging one’s dance lineage and who shaped them along the way. Finally, Georgie reflects on her experience performing in choreographer Kat Rampackova’s recent work and her hopes for the future.


Learn more about Georgie’s work, visit

Georgie Goater sitting on a stage with beads hanging

Georgie Goater in her piece “Memory Matter,” photo by Sanna Lehto

2 Responses to “Retracing Her Steps”

  1. stanceondance

    Wow Tara, would love to see those works!

  2. tara stepenberg

    would love to see your work sometime – in l977 i choreographed my best piece – clayscapes – (made clay mobiles with were hung throughout the performing space) and in 2000 created Shards of Glass – which also had mobiles of cut plastic (to look like glass) throughout the space. –
    that environment speaks to me very deeply – reminding me of Native burial sacred ground.

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