Articles from the ‘DanceCast’ collection

Four people sit onstage, one with a cane. The lighting is red, and a silvery set piece seems to swirl behind them.

Exploring How Performance is Experienced

Jess Curtis, an award-winning choreographer, performer, and scholar based in San Francisco and Berlin, shares how his career took a turn when he accepted a job in an interdisciplinary nouveau cirque company in France, and how he later established himself in Berlin while still running his company Jess Curtis/Gravity in the Bay Area.

Daniel stands with his hands on his hips in a dance studio

How Dance is Taught

Dance educator Daniel Levi-Sanchez advocates for a teaching style that empowers students instead of isolates them. Since acquiring a disability, he has begun to revisit dance with a focus on dance teachers with disabilities.

Changing the Community Perspective

Tebandeke Joseph, an African contemporary dance artist based in Uganda, shares how he aims to change the community perspective on disability through street performances and through the schools, as well as through building an accessible center and library.