It Comes Down to Loving Movement


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Ginger Lane, a Chicago based dancer, teacher and choreographer. Ginger shares how the themes of dance and disability activism have come together in her career, specifically through her involvement with Access Living and MOMENTA Dance Company. She discusses the struggle that physically integrated dance faces in being seen as a legitimate art form, the slow progress in the US as compared to Europe, and the difficulty building repertoire in physically integrated dance.


Ginger Lane 1

Ginger Lane has been an active member of the Chicago dance community for over 40 years. Her experiences pre- and post-disability uniquely position her at the intersection of dance and disability, where her focus is on inclusive dance. She is currently a dancer and choreographer with MOMENTA Dance Company, based in Oak Park, Il. For 10 years, she was a member of Dance>Detour, one of Chicago’s first mixed abilities dance companies. Ginger is the coordinator of the Arts & Culture Project at Access Living, the Independent Living Center in Chicago, where she has produced the physically integrated dance concert, Counter Balance, for the past 10 years. She is also the 2017 recipient of a 3Arts Award in Dance. A strong disability rights activist, Ginger promotes the inclusion and independent living philosophy of people with disabilities in all areas of life.

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