The Language of the Body is the Oldest Language


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Sally Davison, a dancer, choreographer, and master DanceAbility teacher in the UK and Finland. Sally discusses the strength of DanceAbility as valuing participant-led knowledge and making inclusion possible. She asserts that DanceAbility is not just about disability, but about the beauty of giving space to others and moving beyond one’s own patterns to listen to someone else’s vocabulary or timing. Silva and Sally also discuss how embryology and birth, as well as basic movement patterns, can affect a person’s sense of body and self.


Sally Davison Finland DanceAbility

Sally Davison is a dance artist and choreographer in Finland and the United Kingdom whose work deeply attends to the existential qualities of the moving body and life more broadly, focusing in particular on aspects of inclusion, accessibility and equality. Sally is the artistic director of the integrated dance company Kaaos and chairperson of DanceAbility Finland. In her choreographic work, Sally’s intention is to support embodiment of ideas and principles honoring individual and collective movement expression. She teaches movement improvisation in a variety of settings nationally and internationally. Her work is deeply influenced by non-stylized environmental movement, somatic practices and her work with all bodies. 

Sally Davison

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  1. Stuart Landsee

    Great start on the oldest form of communication. There seems to be more in that moment the idea was conceived…thoughts?

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