Promoting Freedom and Equality


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Jana Meszaros, a DanceAbility instructor in Eugene, OR. Jana describes her small-town upbringing, how she discovered DanceAbility through contact improvisation, and her road to becoming a Master Teacher. She shares her belief in DanceAbility as a tool for creating experiences where disabled and non-disabled dancers can dance together, as well as her preference for the term ‘facilitator’ rather than ‘teacher’ because everyone in the room can always learn from each other.


Jana Meszaros photo by PC Jaxon

Photo by PC Jaxon

Jana Meszaros is a Master Teacher of the DanceAbility method, receiving her credential in Trier, Germany in 2017. She is one of 25 people in the world who have received this level of training in DanceAbility, which is the leading method of inclusive pedagogy and has brought more people into the field of mixed abilities dance than any other organization. Prior to her Master’s training, she completed two teacher certification courses, in Austin, TX (2015) and Eugene, OR (2016), three teacher intensives, has assisted DanceAbility’s founder Alito Alessi, and in 2015 secured a grant to mentor directly with Alessi. She has facilitated five-day intensives in the US and led DanceAbility classes and workshops nationally and internationally. Currently, she serves as rehearsal director for DanceAbility’s professional dance company, and produces her own work in Eugene, OR, where she lives. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in dance and business administration.

Jana Meszaros

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  1. Kayla Banks

    This was a wonderful interview. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am in Portland. I would love to get involved.

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