Reaching Palestinian Youth Through Dance


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews 22 year-old Hanna Tams, founder and director of Douban Dance Company in Jerusalem. Hanna is dedicated to reaching at-risk Palestinian youth through dance, thereby using art for social change. Hanna shares the cultural obstacles he has overcome, the political implications of sharing dance with his community, and the power of dance to bring joy and heal.


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Hanna Tams set himself apart at a young age when, in 2012, he established the Douban Dance Company in Jerusalem. Through his dance company, Hanna serves Palestinian youth who are significantly at risk of destructive behavior. Young Palestinians in Douban Dance Company have transformed their lives by defying the pressures of violence. Hanna takes his dance company into schools, after-school programs and other educational institutions, reaching more than 600 young people to date. 

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  1. stanceondance

    Yes, it’s great that festivals like Ramallah can present opportunities for young dancers, especially in Palestine. Thanks for reading!

  2. Campbell Archibald

    The shows sell out in several cities, and contemporary Palestinian dance groups are on the rise. The festival managed by Sareyyet Ramallah presents opportunities for young Palestinian dancers through workshops with leading international visiting companies.

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