Dance Belts Through the Decades


For the past five years, Stance on Dance has served the greater dance community by exposing the secret world of dance belts. From couture belts and famous belts to multi-cultural belts and political belts, we revel in the simple beauty of covering a hunky dancer dude’s loins.

Dance belts have an exciting and rich history, just like other, more dull forms of dancewear (i.e. tutus and pointe shoes). Check out the different trends and styles of dance belts through the decades!

1920s: An Era of Rapid Change

No longer confined to stiff social conventions, dance belts increasingly threw caution to the wind by infusing color and flair. Feathers and fringe were all the rage!

Dance Belts Decades-1920s

1950s: Sleek and Slender Elegance

Shifting social norms dictated modesty while simultaneously embracing charm and appeal. A clean waistline kept dance belts both fastidious and glamorous!

Dance Belts Decades-1950s

1970s: A Foray into Flamboyance

Polyester was the name of the game, along with bright colors and floral patterns. Dance belts became brazenly obscene when worn under white tights.

Dance Belts Decades-1970s

1990s: The Days of Punk and Grunge

Dance belts reflected three general rules: comfortable, dirty and heavily steeped in flannel. Fun (but gross fact): most dance belts of the time were bought in thrift stores!

Dance Belts Decades-1990s

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