The Dance Belt Campaign Trail


It’s an election year, and political divisions run deep. Gun control, income inequality, immigration, foreign policy…what really matters to voters? It can be hard to know amidst all the media hype, but Stance on Dance has gone straight to the root of what this election is about: dance belts. Yep, underneath those dull suits are the real personalities.

belt collage


Let’s start with the Republican field. The primaries began with 12 candidates, but by the middle of March had dwindled to three: Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz is a tea-party Christian, which is clearly reflected in his Jesus-studded belt.

belts Ted CruzJohn Kasich is an old-school, red-tie Republican who applies his approach to politics straight to his belt.

belts John Kasich

Donald Trump is a rich businessman, and his belt reflects his megalomaniac values.

belts Donald Trump

Based on their belts, it shouldn’t come as any surprise why Trump’s flashy belt has made him the presumptive nominee.

belts Donald Trump back


On the democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been vying for liberal hearts and minds.

Bernie Sanders stands for the every-man, and his belt reflects his proletarian values.

belts Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton is a divisive and decisive true blue dem, playing the game with the best of them.

belts Hillary Clinton

Or is she? Her willingness to stuff a sock and still wear lace shows why she’s the frontrunner of her party.

belts Hillary Clinton back


Voters, choose wisely. Are we sticking with the good ol’ belt establishment, or letting a lady take the lead?

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