Part Two: Where Are You With Dance Right Now?

Eleven pre-professional teenage dancers were recently asked, “Where are you with dance right now?” This is the second half of their responses. They will be posed this question once a year for as long as they choose to respond, hopefully creating a chronicle of their growth through those pivotal years when young dancers have to decide if and in what capacity they want to continue dancing.

Tess, 16

Right now, I’m in a pre-professional program, doing as many dance summer programs as possible. I went to the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, and now I am doing two other dance programs at home. I hope to become an apprentice somewhere or continue dancing in college.

Laurel, 17

Currently I am a dancer at The Rock School for Dance Education and it will be my second year attending the program in the fall. I love to dance more than anything and it has been my passion since I was four years old. I have attended four summer intensives and I am looking forward to furthering my education and training here in Philly!

Alexandra, 17

Currently I am in a pre-professional dance company outside of Houston called Kingwood Dance Theatre. I am preparing to start applying for colleges and audition for dance programs. I feel that this past year I have experience significant growth in my dancing- especially in my upper body. Attending the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance summer program has pushed my dancing to another level and given me an even larger opportunity for growth! I feel this growth and maturity will help guide me in the right direction in choosing the college dance program that is best for me. I still have so far to go before I am ready for the professional dance world but I hope the steps I am taking right now lead me in that direction. I’m not going to lie- I ask myself everyday if I am good enough to get into any college dance programs, but I will work hard for these next couple months and see where life takes me.

Juan, 19

This is my second year pre-professionally dancing. I started taking absolute beginner classes at ODC just two years ago, and I have progressively moved up though their levels. I just finished this year’s season with ODC’s teen company The Dance Jam, and will be attending Dominican University next year to continue my dance training.

Madeleine, 17

I would say as a result of San Francisco Conservatory of Dance I am extremely curious about dance and what I will end up doing with it. I have learned that dance is not a complete-able task. Instead it is an ever growing and improving lifestyle. It is who I am and what I love. This past year I would cry often, feeling as if I am not enough and will never live up to the standards of a “good dancer.” My emotions attached to dance show me that I truly have invested myself in my life’s love: dance. I have recently come to the realization that I am perfect where I am at this moment, but will always stay humble and available for new experiences every day.

In my opinion, dance is a gift from God, and a passion He has given me. I think it would be a waste to ignore His creation.

Erin, 17

I just got home from the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and will venture to Cornish College of the Arts’ summer intensive this coming Saturday. Dance is a large part of my life right now as I experiment with what my interests are, and how those interests may play out in the future. This coming school year I will be a senior in high school, so I need to consider possible plans for after high school and how dance can fit into them. After training with SFCD, I feel as if I approach dance with a different perspective and have gained a more effective work ethic. I plan to bring this more refined attitude towards dance and dance training to my studies over the next year. I know that I have a lot to learn as far as dance is concerned, but I am willing to get as much as I can out of each lesson because I’d like dance to be a part of my life for a long time. That is where I stand with dance right now.


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  1. danknoxsf

    I see lots of people have college dancing in there future. Well a BA in Dance/Fine Art is never a bad thing I don’t really see this as the best path to being a professional dancer. The four or five years one spends going to school, you know 18-22 is a long time in dance years. If you are really dedicated to dancing (and I’m not tossing in any value judgments right now) but you might be better off being a full time dancer, instead of a student during those years. Then again there is reality and well a lot of people dream about being professional dancers most don’t make it. Maybe it is because they are unlucky but it might be they just don’t want it enough to sacrifice everything like a college degree.

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