Articles from the ‘Viewpoints’ collection

Lucy McCrudden headshot

Supporting Dance Parents

Lucy McCrudden, founder of the UK-based resource Dance Mama, shares why it is important to her as a dance professional and mother of two to find ways to support other parenting dance professionals.

Tabled composite image

Tabled: Race and Identity

Bay Area artists Jhia Jackson, Fanny Kahlo, and Katie Wong discuss how race and identity play out in their artistic practices as part of Tabled, a conversation series produced by Chlo & Co Dance.

Working to Prevent Abuse in Dance

Members of the Personal Safety for Dance (PSD) International Working Group – Frances Chiaverini, Dr. Steven Karageanes, Karine Rathle, Maggie Morris, and Erin Sanchez – share how they are working to raise awareness and prevent abuse in dance environments.