Articles from the ‘Viewpoints’ collection

One shimmering human is held aloft by six others, legs straight and sharp, arm wearily reaching toward light, all wearing sequin costumes of gold, silver, black, blue, and purple.

Democratizing Dance

Pioneer Winter, choreographer and artistic director of Pioneer Winter Collective, an intergenerational, queer, and physically integrated company based in Miami, Florida, shares his belief that dance should not be exclusionary.

A photo still from the film, Seeds of Hope

Stand Up for Racial Equity

Dance educator and choreographer Cherie Hill discusses her commitment to advocacy and social justice through her involvement with the California Dance Education Association board, HMD/The Bridge Project, and her recent dance film “Seeds of Hope.”

Maine field with forest in the background

A Dancer in the Woods

Katie Flashner moved from Southern California to Maine during the pandemic. Away from her ballroom dance opportunities, she asks: For a competitive dancer, how important is the aspect of competition to my identity as a dancer?