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Shebana is in a stone tunnel. Light falls on her from a shaft and she artfully crosses her arms in front of her,

Of Stones and Dance

Shebana Coelho, a flamenco dancer originally from India and currently based in Spain, meditates on connecting her dance with Urdu poetry.

Helliot catches Laura by the ribs as she extends her arms and jumps into him. They are both wearing yellow on a black stage.

Dancing One’s Inner Monster

Seville-based choreographer Laura Morales Davila and Danza Mobile dancer Helliot Baeza Gonzalez describe their piece “Soy Todo El Mundo” about finding and releasing one’s inner monster for the 2022 Korea International Accessible Dance Festival.

Two women stand in front of a building facade trying flamenco postures

Encounters with Flamenco in Spain

Shebana Coelho, a writer and performer currently studying flamenco in Spain, reflects with her colleagues and classmates on what it means to encounter flamenco as an art form and way of life.