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Seven dancers wearing white sit crosslegged on a tiled floor and look up at the camera.

Manifesting the Music and Stories of the Body

Evie Ladin, a body music choreographer based in the Bay Area, describes the impetus behind her piece “Water in the Kettle,” which combines Afrodiasporic polyrhythms with Appalachian folk singing to illuminate the struggles of modern women.

Dancers of different ages spread out on stage facing different directions and wearing different colored dresses.

Expanding the Circle of Dancers

Risa Jaroslow, a choreographer based in the Bay Area, discusses how her upcoming piece “Talking Circle” imagines a turning point in the life of a small community, as well as how her interest evolved to include nontrained performers in her choreography.

Dancing through Death

PODCAST BY SILVA LAUKKANEN In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Liv Schaffer, a young dance artist living in the Bay Area. Liv lost both of…