Articles tagged ‘contemporary’

Two wheelchair dancers are in the foreground on stage and a clump of colorfully dancers make a shape together in the background.

Developing Disability Dance in South Korea

Young Mook Choi and Nanyoung Sim of Light Sound Friends, an organization in South Korea that supports dancers with disabilities, share their myriad programs that are changing the landscape of disability dance in South Korea.

Shikataganai: A Message of Hope

Yayoi Kambara, a contemporary choreographer in the Bay Area, discusses her upcoming piece, “Shikataganai,” which translates from Japanese to English as “that which cannot be helped.” The piece explores the profound cultural change she’s experienced in the Bay Area over the past decade.

Building an Accessible Space

Subashini Ganesan, founder and director of New Expressive Works – a performing arts venue in Portland, OR, discusses her curatorial philosophy and how she has built an accessible space.