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Erin hugs themself into a ball, balancing on their butt onstage. They are wearing a red leotard with red hair in a bun.

Circus Centering Disability

Erin Ball, Vanessa Furlong, and April Hubbard, who perform as LEGacy Circus in Canada, describe their use of leg attachments, mobility aids, and traditional and non-traditional circus apparatuses in their piece “The World at Our Feet.”

Access is Good for Everybody

PODCAST BY SILVA LAUKKANEN In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Aaron Wheeler-Kay, creative director of Echo Theater Company in Portland, Oregon. Aaron, a master DanceAbility…

The Land of Possibility

An Interview with Amy Christian BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT Wise Fool is a circus arts nonprofit in Santa Fe, NM that believes in igniting imagination and promoting social…