Access is Good for Everybody


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Aaron Wheeler-Kay, creative director of Echo Theater Company in Portland, Oregon. Aaron, a master DanceAbility teacher, shares how he applies DanceAbility to create an accessible circus arts space, as well as leverage his privilege to feature and support other voices. After teaching DanceAbility to his staff, he describes the shift in culture at the company and how creating access isn’t a checkbox but an ongoing process and continuous reassessment.


Aaron Wheeler-Kay 1

Aaron Wheeler-Kay lives in Portland, Oregon, where he is the creative director of Echo Theater Company, a non-profit with a focus on combining different performance disciplines including circus arts, dance and devised theater to produce original performance works. Aaron teaches dance, acrobatics and aerial arts to people of all ages and abilities. He became certified to teach DanceAbility in 2016.

Aaron Wheeler-Kay 2