Yashoda wears a red sari with gold jewelry. One arm is extended in front of her with her thumb lifted. The other arm is near her chest bent at the embow with two fingers extended.

Reclaiming An Invisible Woman’s Dance

Dr. Yashoda Thakore, a Kuchipudi dancer and scholar in India, researches the Kalavantulu, the women temple dancers from Telugu-speaking areas. She describes their historical significance and why she is trying to erase the stigma around them through education.

Two women stand in front of a building facade trying flamenco postures

Encounters with Flamenco in Spain

Shebana Coelho, a writer and performer currently studying flamenco in Spain, reflects with her colleagues and classmates on what it means to encounter flamenco as an art form and way of life.

Black and white photos of dancers at UCSC

The Movement of Memory

Mary Trunk, a filmmaker and dance artist in Altadena, CA, shares the process of creating her film, “Muscle Memory,” which explores aging in dance by reuniting with her college dance friends from UC Santa Cruz.