Working to Prevent Abuse in Dance

Members of the Personal Safety for Dance (PSD) International Working Group – Frances Chiaverini, Dr. Steven Karageanes, Karine Rathle, Maggie Morris, and Erin Sanchez – share how they are working to raise awareness and prevent abuse in dance environments.

Betty Towers and Stephanie Hewett as part of Dance for mmm

Reflections on “Dance for mmm”

Jhia Jackson and Jocelyn Reyes, two San Francisco Bay Area dance artists, reflect on a series of conversations they organized with seven artists they admire about how each artist adapted to the conditions of the pandemic.

Eric Kupers giving notes

Rethinking Inclusion and Performance

Bay Area multidisciplinary artist Eric Kupers discusses the impetus for the Inclusive Performance Festival, how “inclusion” is an ever-expanding term, and why new ways of thinking about performance are more needed than ever.