Irlanda does a backbend on a pole. She is wearing a black bikini and gold Pleaser heels, and the background is blue.

Empowered by Pole Arts

Julianna Massa profiles her pole dance teacher Irlanda, a dancer, choreographer, stripper, scholar, archivist, and the co-owner of Black Widow Pole Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on her perspective of her own artistry as a dancer and the future of pole dance as a field.

A performer's hand and arm extend from an out of frame torso. Audience members watch in the background.

Finding the Response

Christine Cali, director of CALI & CO in the Bay Area, and longtime collaborator Farrah McAdam discuss their upcoming piece, “PERFECT.RESPONSE.,” a collaboration with musician The Welcome Matt that explores perfectionism and its impacts on the individual and collective body.