Janet stands and talks in a microphone on a dark lit stage. A podium is behind her and she holds a book she's reading from.

Women at the Top: Leaders in Dance

Kathryn Roszak looks at the state of women leadership in major dance companies through talking to Wendy Whelan, Associate Artistic Director at New York City Ballet; Janet Eilber, Artistic Director at Martha Graham Dance Company; and Lia Cirio, Principal Dancer/Choreographer at Boston Ballet.

Dancers of different ages spread out on stage facing different directions and wearing different colored dresses.

Expanding the Circle of Dancers

Risa Jaroslow, a choreographer based in the Bay Area, discusses how her upcoming piece “Talking Circle” imagines a turning point in the life of a small community, as well as how her interest evolved to include nontrained performers in her choreography.

A clown mask with a headband reading "fraud nation" set among dried grasses.

Pretendians in Dance

Snowflake Arizmendi-Calvert, a performance artist based in the Bay Area, discusses the problem of pretendians (people pretending to be Indians) in dance, and how folks can learn to advocate for Indigenous artists.