Being Seen as A Dancer


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Karen Daly, a dancer in Eugene, OR with DanceAbility International. Karen shares the story of her entrance into dance in her 40s and some highlights from her career working with DanceAbility. She also discusses the process of creating performances through DanceAbility’s framework, and how the principles of sensation, relationship, time and design serve to augment the performers’ ability to communicate to each other and to the audience. Finally, she reflects on how it’s sometimes still difficult to see herself and be seen as a dancer.


Karen Daly caught the dancing fever in 1993 when she met Karen Nelson, internationally esteemed improvisor, performer and teacher. She has since performed internationally with Alito Alessi, of DanceAbility fame, and others. When she dances, Karen feels connected to her open, honest, playful, free, curious, trusting, child-like self. And so, she dances. She’s transitioning from her 45-year nursing gig to living life as a dance gypsy. Her 2017 memoir, Joy Ride: My One-Legged Journey to Self-Acceptance, is available on Amazon.