In Between Dance and Musical Theater


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Meredith Aleigha Wells, a dancer with Dancing Wheels Company in Cleveland, OH. The Massachusetts native has a background in musical theater, and started using a wheelchair while in college. She discusses the support she received in college, how the process of translating able-bodied dance onto her body has given her technical and choreographic skills, and the similarities and differences between having a disability in dance versus musical theater. She recently ended her contract with Dancing Wheels, and looks forward to freelancing more in musical theater.


Meredith Aleigha Wells 4

Meredith Aleigha Wells is a musical theater artist, writer and YouTube content creator from Massachusetts. Most notably, she performed her original one-woman musical, Dysfunctioning Just Fine, at the My True Colors Festival in NYC, where she received the 2017 Purple Skies Playwright Award. Meredith just finished her first season with the Dancing Wheels Company, a physically integrated touring repertory company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Now she plans on going freelance as a dancer in addition to pursuing more musical theater opportunities. Meredith graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she created her own Bachelor’s Degree with an individualized concentration in musical theater. She hopes to continue to use the arts as a platform to spread awareness and help dysautonomia patients and other members of the differently-abled community.

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