Dance Is In My Heart


In this episode of DanceCast, Silva interviews Tanya Winters, a dancer in Austin, TX. Tanya found her way into the world of dance in the early 2000s before becoming certified in DanceAbility in 2011. She currently performs with Body Shift. Tanya shares a bit of her journey claiming dance with a disability, from overcoming insecurities to finding her own voice.

Tanya Winters 11


Tanya Winters 12

A Chicago native, Tanya Winters fell in love with Austin after a weekend trip. She loves creating and pushing the boundaries¬†of art and disability. Tanya’s career as an artist began in theater in 2005 and shifted to dance in 2007 thanks to a wooden chair and the desire to tell a story. As a student of Austin Community College, she gained extensive background in improvisation and choreography. Tanya became a certified DanceAbility instructor in 2011. Currently, she dances with Body Shift. She hopes that her work will motivate other dancers to think outside the box and erase the line between ability and disability.