Dance in Community


Morgan Teel choreographs in the larger world beyond the studio; her stage is Austin, TX, the city she calls home. In this episode of DanceCast, Morgan shares her process building her newest work at the local skate park, her experience building community through site specific dance, and her reflections on how site-specific dance can bring people into the dance world who might otherwise never enter it.

Morgan Teel


Morgan Teel is a multidisciplinary choreographer based in Austin, Texas, and the artistic director and founder of Dance Waterloo. Originally from Crestview, Florida, she graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BFA in dance performance and choreography. Her dance films have premiered nationally in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Indiana and New York as well as internationally in Venice, Italy. Dance Waterloo’s mission is to cultivate, create and perform interdisciplinary methods of dance for the community through public space, education and collaboration.

Morgan Teel Dance Waterloo

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