Art, Dart or Fart: Reprise!


Five fair years ago, Stance on Dance was born, and one of its first posts was Art, Dart or Fart: An Appraisal of Dance through the Decades. To celebrate five furious, frivolous and facetious years of earnest interviews, enticing essays and ebullient jokes, we present Art, Dart or Fart: Reprise!

An “ART” for great art (go figure), a “DART” for what we think sucks, and a “FART” for stuff that literally stinks.


Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s epic dance off in White Nights

If you somehow missed the best scene of this great dance classic, watch here!

Notice how this 80s-tastic dance scene by two class acts of the day was shot in less takes than the number of times an adequately hydrated person gets up to pee in the night.


Art Dart or Fart reprise-page-White NightsNia

Dance meets martial arts meets mindfulness to become… neither the centuries-long developed practices of dance, martial arts nor mindfulness.


Plus an extra dart for being marketed almost exclusively to white women. Have you seen their website?

Art Dart or Fart reprise-page-NiaThe Lion King on Broadway

We wouldn’t want to be the unlucky soul who has to deal with all those sweaty animal costumes after a couple months on tour…


Art Dart or Fart reprise-Lion KingDon Quixote: The Ballet

32 fouettes with triple pirouettes every four turns? Done! Great leaps and lifts by those hot stud male dancer dudes? DONE! A story with almost no sensible plot wherein the title role barely makes an appearance? WHO CARES?!


Art Dart or Fart reprise-page-Don Q

Donald Trump USA Freedom Kids

Watch it and weep!

These poor girls’ love of dance has been distorted and perverted, in our humble view. Trump sucks, jingoism sucks, and bad dance sucks.


Art Dart or Fart reprise-page-TrumpYour Local Recital

Those dressing rooms backstage that pack 20+ sweaty adolescents (and their Tupperware) into an enclosed space?


Art Dart or Fart reprise-page-stinky