Still, I’m A Stage

Happy National Poetry Month from Stance on Dance!



A very splendid thing.

But you always see me at my best…

When the house is full and the attention is drawn

to the stage.


Chest wide open receiving attention like a newborn baby;

Lapping up the Ooo’s and smiling from the Awwe’s.

An olive in a martini glass.

But after the show is over, the glass is gone,

the stage is alone.


I don’t always mind.

Curled up in rich scarlet curtains looking up into the ebony sky.

Lights instead of stars.

Still. I’m shining.


Quiet like a sleeping country. Peaceful in loneliness.

Time to think and reflect upon the day;

but I miss those memories that have been made

on the stage.


You can laugh and cry while watching the stage.

You may leave cheerful or depressed; but the pulsing of your clapping

like an over-exercised heart has

made all the difference.


You turn to leave. Your back to me and you’re back to real life;

but I must stay for that is all I am.

So before you rush away,

can’t you wish

the stage good night?


Angelina Prendergast is a dancer and actress in Los Angeles, California.

2 Responses to “Still, I’m A Stage”

  1. Joan Reed

    Dance, art, poetry……. Your soul is showing. I miss it.

  2. Aaron millan

    Grate metaphors and similes i liked the part about how the lights are like your stars kuzz thats like your sky when u look up when your on a stage, awsommm

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