The Hubby’s Perspective

Chris Randall is a director of innovation at Clif Bar & Co., where he has worked for the past 17 years. As a longtime athlete, he has pursued climbing, running, cycling and triathlons. He is married to Jill Randall, a dance performer, teaching artist and writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her blog is Life as a Modern Dancer. Below are Chris’ reflections on Jill’s pursuit of dance.


What did you think of dance before you met Jill versus after?

Before being with Jill, dance happened in a world that was very foreign to me. I didn’t know anyone who danced, and if you’d asked me then, I might have said something about ballet or art schools and possibly even reference the TV show Fame. After knowing Jill, I came to realize dance happens everywhere and at many levels. It’s an accessible art form that happens locally, nationally and globally. I also have greater recognition and respect for the role that dance and the arts play in education.

From your perspective, what are some of the hardest aspects of pursuing dance?

The most challenging aspects of being a dancer are juggling busy life schedules and also limited opportunities to perform. We have two kids and both work, plus I’m active as well, so time to dance is at a premium. Plus, dance classes are held at fixed times. If you can’t make a class there’s no easy way to make it up. While Jill has always wanted to perform, opportunities don’t abound. Dancers want to work with their preferred choreographers; however there aren’t that many and they too are busy enough that they aren’t producing work constantly.

What is something you’ve come to enjoy about dance you maybe wouldn’t if not for Jill’s involvement?

As an athlete, I appreciate the mental and physical commitment to the art. Both sides of the pursuit require constant attention if one wants to truly succeed.


 Jill and Chris