The Bunion: Halloween in Dance Class

By Maggie Stack and Emmaly Wiederholt

Ah, that question dancers have wrestled with through the ages: what’s the perfect costume to wear to class on Halloween? It has to be something you can move in, it has to be something that shows off that bod, and it has to be unique.  Here are some of our favorite costumes to wear to class. Take your pick and get groovin’!


1. Pregnant girl: just stuff warm-up clothes in your leo.

Watch out you hot dancer girls! It’s easy to look pregnant, but it’s easier to get pregnant!


2. Ninja: bored of frappes? Play with nunchucks instead!

Get into character by inserting a back flip into grande allegro!


3. Clown: everybody loves a class clown.

Warning: for unclear reasons this is a very scary costume for all those clown-o-phobes.


4. French fry: long, lean, and gluten free!

This will make up for all the times you — ahem — didn’t stop for French fries on the way home from class.


5. Slutty grasshopper: get trendy this Halloween and show your cleavage.

Remember, the higher the jump the bigger the jiggle!


6. The David: cover yourself in baby powder and leave your dance belt at home!

Go the full monty!


2 Responses to “The Bunion: Halloween in Dance Class”

  1. stanceondance

    Haha! That’s hilarious Jamie! Not sure I need names… I think I can guess!!

  2. Jamie Wright

    Funny stuff!

    My favorite Halloween moment was when a mutual acquaintance of ours dressed like a well-known retired LINES Ballet dancer, while that dancer was in class with her.

    If you want names, email me.

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