The Bunion: Audition Tips!

By Maggie Stack and Emmaly Wiederholt

The February issue of Dance Magazine published an audition guide with tips of the trade for navigating those big cattle call auditions. Here at Stance On Dance, we think there’s a few more tips they didn’t mention that will help you stand out and get your dream job!

1. Don’t eat beforehand in order to look your thinnest! Your body works best on adrenaline anyway!


2. Lie about whatever you need to – age, weight, height, hair color. These things are flexible.

3. Wear something that says, “I’m not afraid to be seen!” This could be a bikini, leopard print jeggings, or anything ripped.


4. If it’s a foreign company, go ahead and learn their language!

5. Pick a signature move and throw it in whenever you can.


6. Be prepared to seem coy, outspoken, mysterious, and exotic all at once.

7. Airbrush your headshot. You won’t regret it!


8. Simply refuse to get cut.

9. Stalk the director/choreographer and buy them their favorite aftershave or perfume as a “Thank you for glancing at me” gift.


10. Remember, if all else fails, don’t be yourself; be interesting!

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  1. Anonymous

    I would add “sexual favors.” That’s a biggie.

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