Photographer Lynne Fried

“I have always had a deep and powerful love of dance and I am in awe of all dancers from ballet to hip hop. Photographing dancers is the art of anticipation. It is so important to pay attention to them, to watch their movements, and to listen to them.    I am dedicated to learn all I can about the art of photographing dancers  and the athleticism of dance. To capture that split second of a movement, or, to photograph a dancer in a place that is unexpected gives me great joy.  I love to show dancers what we can truly create together. Whether shooting a performance, or shooting the individual dancer,  I believe that all dancers should have beautiful pictures of themselves, to cherish and to carry with them into their future.”

-Lynne Fried

Diane Broker ladder

Pictured is Diana Broker

Lynne’s site will be up soon: visit in the future to learn more!

3 Responses to “Photographer Lynne Fried”

  1. Joy Parker

    Lynne is an amazing photographer. I have watched her growth as a photographer with delight and amazement. And, I’ve been privileged to know her and call her friend for slightly over 50 years. We were childhood friends and have had our paths converge throughout our lives. She too was a dancer “back in the day”, and like all of us who’ve had the delightful opportunity to participate in the dance, it has never left her! I am looking forward to seeing more of her wonderful work!

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