The Hot Spot

By Emmaly Wiederholt

ODC has a new class called the Hot Spot on Monday and Wednesday mornings that features a rotating teacher. Whether it is a guest artist visiting the area, a local artist who does not regularly teach, or a relatively new teacher, the class, designed by ODC School Director Kimi Okada, is, as she puts it, “a chance for the dance community to sample different people who normally don’t teach on a regular basis but many of whom are very experienced teachers who have a lot of neat things to offer that are different from ODC’s normal curriculum.

“I have people who come in from out of town, or people who want to teach one class, or local artists working around rehearsal schedules, so I came up with this idea of the Hot Spot, which is really a rotating slot at a prime time on Monday and Wednesday mornings where I can program many different kinds of things. I can program someone to come in and teach two months of technique classes or I can do a master class or I can do one week. It allows for not having to commit to a full year of classes and being able to accommodate guests who are travelling and who are in town. I really want it to become known as something that would be interesting to check out. Who’s in the Hot Spot this month?”

Launched in February of 2012, recent teachers have included Kira Kirsch, Randee Paufve, Amelia Rudolph, Shinichi Iova-Koga, and Holly Johnson. Currently in the Hot Spot is local artist Christine Cali. Cali, who will teach through November, says, “I’m excited about being able to take out the stops. I don’t mean not teaching or sharing, but instead being able to share more complex ideas through intellect, imagery, and physicality. I’m looking forward to tapping into the pulse of what’s happening in our dance community. I’m excited about the kinetic vibrations and engagement that happens when people come together to do something in a very serious rigorous way. I’m in need of that as a teacher.”

While past Hot Spot classes have been in the contemporary dance realm, Okada says she is open to other forms. “I’m pretty open to considering anyone who would like to do it. I would hope that it would encourage students to try something different. I would love to get more improvisation, or it’s possible I could do the Hot Spot for composition. It doesn’t have to be a pre-professional/professional technique class; it could be anything that would benefit a dancer in their overall training. I wouldn’t be averse to having an acting class for dancers. It’s wide open to the whole scope of trying to offer things to the dance community that benefits their training.”

Upcoming Hot Spot teachers include Mark Morris Dance Company, as well as Iratxe Ansa, choreographer for Lyons Opera Ballet who has worked danced for Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, and Nacho Duato. Check out ODC’s website for more info!

Photos by Margo Moritz and Andrea Flores