A Study of Flight

Painting and poetry by Julia Cost

I have flown through the night since I was small.

My flight is a breaststroke through the sky
It takes just a few powerful strokes to soar for miles
I skim over trees, leaves brushing my belly
I rush low over the surface of lakes and oceans
The air there is cooler.

I understand this sensation of flying so intimately.
Perhaps it is as practiced as walking

Now studying aerial dance for the first time,
in the short spurts when I manage the freedom of flight,
there is a vivid wave of déjà vu

Today I leapt across an entire wall in a single bound
laughing uncontrollably

This overlap
of dream body and day body
is overwhelming


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  1. bayareadancewatch

    Congratulations on your new “Dancing in the air…” Ms Cost!! And wonderful painting that matches the colors of earth & sky!

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