The Bunion: Dance Hard, SKATE HARDER!

By Emmaly Wiederholt and Maggie Stack

In order to find the best dance around, San Francisco has decided to do away with grant panels, dance reviews, and presenters. From here on out it’s pure, ruthless, good old-fashioned ROLLER DERBY!

(For those of you who don’t know, half the entertainment of roller derby is the intimidating names the players give themselves. The other half is watching players race around in roller skates knocking each other over.)

Inspired by the legendary No-Mercy Cunnging-slam, Barysh-knock-off and Pina Bow Down, Stance On Dance is delighted to introduce the San Francisco teams:

Team One:

  1. Hell-G w/ Yuan Yuan BAM
  2. Robert Mow-you-down Kin
  3. O-shit-Did-you-C-me-beat-you
  4. Christian you-just-got-BURNED
  5. Scott Well-you-suck

Team Two:

  1. Joe 2-Goode-2-B-True
  2. Company C-you-later
  3. XXXT Funsch Dance Theater
  4. C-Blender w/ Face the Facts SF
  5. Michael Spew-n’-on-you Ballet


4 Responses to “The Bunion: Dance Hard, SKATE HARDER!”

  1. Jessa

    Did this really Happen? Because if it hasn’t someone should make it happen!

  2. David Coffman

    Now you understand! – Darth Skater

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