Paintings and poetry by Julia Cost


I like to stand on train platforms

very close to the edge

and feel the rush of the cars charging past me

When they are finally gone

I feel like I am going to fall over

I like to stand hands-free in speeding trains

and practice calibration

heels growing roots, belly tightening

knees bending through millions of increments of slow degrees

Oiling these fine tuned levers in my brake system

When there is enough room

I like to stand in that place in the center of the car

where all the seats face you

and everyone is vaguely looking at you

It feels so natural there

like the moment on stage right before you begin to move

I want to very slowly and luxuriously extend my arms

looking right into someone’s eyes

But instead I hang on that hairline

right before life becomes performance

One Response to “Trains”

  1. bayareadancewatch

    “heels growing roots…” or “life becomes performance” !!

    Ms Julia Cost leads thru her wording/word phrases.

    btw: The part of facing all the train passengers reminded me of a comedian who would stand inside a moving elevator by door, and then turn & face all the other riders…the folks would become uncomfortable, look down or sideways – adverting eye contact at all cost…it was funny Ms Cost.

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