Is Male Design…Behind?


Have you ever stopped and really thought about dance belts? Why are they always flesh-colored? Do male dancers have design options?

Searching “dance belts” online yields a plethora of dance accessory sites featuring endless identical belts. What a bore.

What if men could be proud of their dance belts? What if wearing one was a form of self-expression? What if dance belts went beyond protection and concealment? White tights be damned!

Male dancers everywhere: wear these designs if you dare.

dance belts rainbow

“News flash: the smaller part goes in the back.”

-Daniel Arizmendi, performer with Dancing Earth

dance belts fairy“People want to see men’s asses pulled up and taut- like horses!”

-Joy Prendergast, performer with Project Thrust

dance belts hipster“It’s an art to be able to fart in a dance belt.”

-Daniel Arizmendi, performer with Dancing Earth

dance belts fur

For more information about dance belts, visit Dr. Dancebelt’s very informative site!

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5 Responses to “Is Male Design…Behind?”

  1. Fun Doshi

    You’re about 500 years late with all of this…. men’s codpieces reached their zenith back in the 15th century. However, you might like to wear a japanese fundoshi, which provides similar minimal coverage of the male groin as a dancebelt.

  2. Dr. Dancebelt

    Hilarious! Sign me up for the “hipster belt”.

    I Tweeted about your designs to my followers. Thanks for linking to “Dr. Dancebelt’s Guide: everything you need to know about dance belts and more”.

  3. Anonymous

    This is amazing. I will buy a fur belt immediately.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Lordie, Maybe you two can start a business! You could be as big as Facebook and maybe some day offer a public stock.

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