Articles from the ‘Tabled’ collection

A compilation of Erin Merritt (right), Andréa Spearman (top left), Megan Wright (lower right)

Tabled: Funding and Social Justice

San Francisco-based theater-maker Erin Merritt, San Francisco-based administrator/dance artist Andréa Spearman, and Brooklyn-based dancer/administrator Megan Wright discuss funding and social justice as part of Chlo and Co’s Tabled series.

A compilation of photos featuring Emily Hansel, Steven Jones, and Malakhi Eason

Tabled: Labor and a Living Wage

San Francisco-based dance artist Emily Hansel, New York City-based storyteller and photographer Steven Jones, and Connecticut-based artist and arts administrator Malakhi Eason discuss labor and a living wage as part of Chlo and Co’s Tabled series.

Tabled composite image

Tabled: Race and Identity

Bay Area artists Jhia Jackson, Fanny Kahlo, and Katie Wong discuss how race and identity play out in their artistic practices as part of Tabled, a conversation series produced by Chlo & Co Dance.