Articles from the ‘DanceCast’ collection

Rachel McCaulsky smiling in a hallway

What Movement Means to the Student

New York City-based movement educator Rachel McCaulsky describes how she ended up teaching dance across multiple schools to students with disabilities, and how that led to a passion for writing dance curriculum and developing creative assessment tools.

illustration of people standing in a circle with arms raised

Advocating for Inclusive Dance in the Public Schools

New York-based dance educator Sandi Stratton-Gonzalez describes her experience working for 20 years at the first fully inclusive public school in the country, and how it led to her later efforts to represent dance educators and advocate for students with disabilities.

Three dancers on a white stage

Experimenting with the Experimental

Finnish artist/theater director Teemu Mäki and Finnish dance artist Maija Nurmio share the impetus behind their collaborative work “Éliane,” which is based on the compositions of the French composer Éliane Radique, and wrestle with the purpose of experimental art.

Art as a Tool for Access and Transformation

Kat Rampackova, a dance artist based in Barcelona, shares her journey finding herself as a freelancer, how she co-founded Priestor Súčasného Tanca for contemporary dance in her native Slovakia, and the impetus behind her recent piece “Mirage” with the Finnish dance company Kaaos.

Kadar Khristan in his wheelchair sideways

Dance as Integration

Kadar Khristan, a dancer/performer and the vice president of DanceAbility Finland, reflects on the therapeutic and social benefits of dance, and how performing boosted his confidence as both a person with a disability and as an immigrant.