Dance Hacks during Social Distancing

    If you’re sitting at home watching the coronavirus spread and wondering when you’ll get back into the studio, take heart! Here are a few of the hacks that dance artists are coming up with to stay connected and creative during this time.

    On Labor and a Living Wage

    Jessica Baldwin, Charles Slender-White and Matt Small, all artists in the Bay Area, discuss the topic of Labor and a Living Wage: Creating a Viable Life in the Arts, part of the series Tabled by Chlo & Co Dance.

    Giving Children Room to Dance

    New York City-based psychologist, dance/movement therapist, and dance educator Diane Duggan shares highlights from her long career as well as how dance for students with disabilities has changed over the decades, and what a dance education might look like in the future.

    “I’ve Become an Advocate”

    Ira Prince Perry, a member of Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin, describes the creative process putting together a show and how he’s become an advocate for the performing arts.