• “My Story is Not Over”

    Jimmy Burgess shares his long road of "making it" in dance, from a scholarship to attend Alvin Ailey, to becoming sick with diabetes and being in a coma, to partial leg…

  • The Seeds Behind “Making It”

    Flamenco dance artist and Oberlin College dance professor Alice Blumenfeld reflects on how "making it" in dance is akin to planting seeds in a garden.

  • Shikataganai: A Message of Hope

    Yayoi Kambara, a contemporary choreographer in the Bay Area, discusses her upcoming piece, "Shikataganai," which translates from Japanese to English as “that which cannot be…

  • There’s No Such Thing As “We Can’t Do Something”

    Dance artist Karenne Koo of Tucson, AZ, discusses her involvement with the Mettler-based dance community and the breadth of her outreach work.

    Living the Tradition of Baul

    Parvathy Baul, one of the most recognized woman Baul practitioners in the world, describes how Baul functions as both a contemporary and traditional form, and the challenges Baul faces in the modern world.

    How To Choose The Right Dance School For You

    Whether you’re a beginner looking to wriggle your toes for the first time or a seasoned dancer hoping to get in a good sweat and boogey, finding the right dance school can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist to help you find the school for you!

    From the Shelter to the Classroom

    After recently being appointed director of the National Dance Institute of New Mexico’s Hiland Theater in Albuquerque, Steven Melendez shares his goals in his new position, as well as how his past uniquely informs his ability to connect to his students, especially those who are underserved.