• Broad, Odd and Embodied

    Sofia Engelman and Em Papineau, queer dance artists in New England, discuss their histories, processes, and how themes of stamina, support and survival guide their work.

  • Journaling the Whole Dance Journey

    Ballroom dancer Katie Flashner discusses her recently published books – "A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey" and "The Choreography Journal" – and how they might serve as a…

  • Uplifting Voices through Burlesque and Dance

    Jenn Freeman (aka Po’Chop), a Chicago-based performance artist, shares how she found her voice through burlesque and how her recent piece aimed to uplift Black women’s voices.

  • Dance Express Celebrates 30 Years of Inclusive Dance

    Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, director of Dance Express, an inclusive dance company based in Fort Collins, CO, shares how the company has been promoting diverse artistic expression and…

    A Dance to Understand Cancer

    Bay Area director/choreographer Lenora Lee describes how she created “In the Skin of Her Hands” by gathering interviews with breast cancer survivors and combining them with contemporary and aerial dance.

    Growing GASP! Dance Collective

    Hahna Briggs, cofounder of GASP! Dance Collective, which provides inclusive dance for people with and without disabilities in Dunedin, New Zealand, shares how GASP! got started, how it’s organized, and how it might evolve in the future.