• Dancing the Veteran Experience

    An Iraq War veteran, the director of EXIT12 Dance Company and an MFA candidate at Trinity Laban, Roman Baca describes why and how he tells veterans' stories choreographically.

  • “I Am Still Making”

    Deirdre Morris, director of Earthdance, examines all the ways she has succeeded, failed, picked herself up, and kept going as she's made her life in dance.

  • “Making It” in The Moment

    Raisa Punkii, a San Francisco-based dance artist from Finland, defines the ways she has "made it" in dance on her own terms.

  • “Meanwhile, We Keep Dancing”

    After sustaining a serious injury, Bay Area dance artist Rebecca Morris assesses her past and future through the lens of "making it" in dance.

    Decentering Sight through Dance

    Choreographer Jess Curtis’ new work “(in)Visible” seeks to dislocate vision from the center of the experience of dance. He and his collaborators Sophia Neises and Tiffany Taylor discuss how the piece is functionally and artistically accessible for people with vision impairments.

    “My Story is Not Over”

    Jimmy Burgess shares his long road of “making it” in dance, from a scholarship to attend Alvin Ailey, to becoming sick with diabetes and being in a coma, to partial leg amputation, to walking and dancing again.