• On Virtual Display

    NYC-based choreographer Heidi Latsky shares how the annual performance of ON DISPLAY GLOBAL will engage people across the world virtually this year, and how to get involved.

  • Arguing for Equity through Quantitative Research

    Elizabeth Yntema and Isabelle Vail at the Dance Data Project discuss why assessing ballet companies’ gender inequity through data analysis is key to addressing the issue and…

  • Zahna Simon leaping through the air

    My Two Worlds Coming Together

    Deaf Bay Area-based dancer Zahna Simon describes her feeling of "making it" in dance when she found a Deaf dance community.

  • Still on the Planet Practicing My Art

    After recovering from what was likely coronavirus, Washington DC-based sand dancer Donne Lewis describes how her goals of "making it" as a dancer have shifted.

    Trusting the Dance, Navigating the Divide

    Madelyn Biven, a dance artist based in Hawai’i, reflects on the duality she experienced pursuing dance in the continental US while simultaneously longing for her home on the islands. She shares how she navigated and found peace within that divide.