• Some Thoughts on Allyship and Path Building

    Thoughts on allyship and building paths – to studios, to social safety nets, and to justice – from Stance on Dance's editor Emmaly Wiederholt.

  • On the Ethics of Production

    Monique Jenkinson, Joe Luttwak and Colm McNally, all artists in the Bay Area, discuss the topic of The Ethics Of Production: Thoughts on The Political Economy of Performance…

  • Embracing the Diversity of Queer Expression

    Colorado-based dance artist Allison Blakeney describes the impetus behind Excessive Realness, an annual queer-normative dance intensive geared toward LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Gestures of Erasure

    Alice Blumenfeld questions if it is appropriate to apply Western terminologies toward cultural dance forms, like flamenco's soleá, and makes the case for a more culturally…

    The Spiritual Work of Dancing

    Gabrielle Thomas, a choreographer at Atamira Dance Company in New Zealand, discusses how her choreography draws upon her Māori worldview and how motherhood and living in a small town inform her process.

    Square Dance

    Happy National Poetry Month! Sandi Vetter’s “Square Dance” reminisces on watching her parents square dance as well as her own involvement in Latvian Folk Dance.


    Happy National Poetry Month! Dancer and choreographer Alice Blumenfeld’s poem “Trajectories” captures the feeling of nostalgia for lost possibilities.