• Shapes and Shades Dance Company in Magical Bodies

    Promoting Fat and Body Outsider Dance

    California-based choreographer Megan Briceno discusses how the intolerance she faced as a fat dancer led her to form Shapes and Shades Dance Company, as well as why she is…

  • SNJV performing, photo by Kenny Hoff

    Drag as an Inclusive Space

    Bay Area-based drag performer SNJV shares his involvement with the Inclusive Performance Festival and how his drag is an amalgamation of his cultural experience.

  • Image of a dancer with text

    Quantifying Psychological Wellbeing in Dance

    Dr. Moitree Banerjee, Dr. Lucie Clements, Kathleen McGuire Gaines, and Erin Sanchez discuss why it is essential to research and quantify psychological wellbeing in dance and how…

  • Photo of Sara Juli in "Burnt-Out Wife"

    Bringing the Private into the Public

    Maine-based Sara Juli discusses how she brings taboo topics into the realm of performance through creating introspective autobiographical solos.