• Helliot catches Laura by the ribs as she extends her arms and jumps into him. They are both wearing yellow on a black stage.

    Dancing One’s Inner Monster

    Seville-based choreographer Laura Morales Davila and Danza Mobile dancer Helliot Baeza Gonzalez describe their piece "Soy Todo El Mundo" about finding and releasing one's inner…

  • Two ballet dancers wearing white tendu to the side. The man is behind the woman. The backdrop is blue and green.

    Sharing Disabled Lives and Stories Onstage

    Luda Lee, the choreographer and director of Black Toe Dance Company in South Korea, describes the process of creating "Trialogue," a piece that explores the stories of three…

  • Erin hugs themself into a ball, balancing on their butt onstage. They are wearing a red leotard with red hair in a bun.

    Circus Centering Disability

    Erin Ball, Vanessa Furlong, and April Hubbard, who perform as LEGacy Circus in Canada, describe their use of leg attachments, mobility aids, and traditional and non-traditional…

  • Sungkuk is outside on dirt wearing blue pants. He leans forward to pick up a roll of toilet paper.

    Dancing the Weight of Life

    Sungkuk Kang, a dancer, choreographer, and the director of OnMom Company in Seoul, discusses his piece "How to Fold" that he choreographed and performed for the 2022 Korea…

    Aiano demonstrates a reach upward and backward with their other hand on their stomach. Students in the mirror behind her watch and follow.

    Coming Home

    Aiano Nakagawa, a dance artist, educator, facilitator, writer, and event producer in the Bay Area, shares their story confronting and overcoming their body image inner demons.