• Centering Afro Centric Choreography

    Oluyinka Akinjiola, artistic director of Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater in Portland, OR, discusses how she presents Afro centric dance as a core value and aesthetic.

  • Diving into The World of Shadeism

    Esie Mensah a dance artist in Toronto, Canada, discusses her work, SHADES, which examines the effects of colorism within the Black community, and her extensive process revisiting…

  • Portland’s Dance Wire Promotes Visibility and Connectivity

    Emily Running shares how and why she founded Dance Wire, an organization that aims to enhance the prosperity and visibility of dance in Portland, OR, as well as her hopes for…

  • Being Seen as A Dancer

    Karen Daly, a dancer in Eugene, OR with DanceAbility International, shares the story of her entrance into dance in her 40s and some highlights from her career working with…

    Journaling the Whole Dance Journey

    Ballroom dancer Katie Flashner discusses her recently published books – “A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey” and “The Choreography Journal” – and how they might serve as a framework to reflect, motivate, learn and improve.