Articles tagged ‘Santa Fe’

Danielle dancing with her face projected on the wall behind her

The Making It Mindset

Danielle Reddick, a performer in Santa Fe, NM, shares how she found a way to work creatively and sustainably after experiencing burnout from touring in a Broadway production.

Being in Body in Nature on Earth

An Interview with Ahjo Ahjo is a neuro different, gender queer, pansexual, elemental creature, residing for more than 25 years on Tewa land at O’gha Po’oge—White…

The Land of Possibility

An Interview with Amy Christian BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT Wise Fool is a circus arts nonprofit in Santa Fe, NM that believes in igniting imagination and promoting social…

Pace and Space

BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT There’s no denying that different environments – big cities, small towns, countryside retreats, even different geographical areas like foggy coastlines or expansive deserts…