Articles tagged ‘San Francisco’

A dancer in a studio is low on her knee and foot, looking upward.

Ephemeral Anthologies

Bay Area-based Robert Moses’ KIN’s upcoming show deals with issues of silence and censorship. Robert Moses speaks about how he’s approaching this project as an anthology, and the guest choreographers share what this subject matter means to them.

One dancer stands and leans away wtih both arms elevated whil another dancer pulls on an arm providing counterbalance.

Dancing the Nuances of Immigration

San Francisco-based company Lenora Lee Dance explores the experiences of migrants and justice workers as they fight to change the policies that criminalize immigrants, separate families, and contribute to generational trauma.

A performer's hand and arm extend from an out of frame torso. Audience members watch in the background.

Finding the Response

Christine Cali, director of CALI & CO in the Bay Area, and longtime collaborator Farrah McAdam discuss their upcoming piece, “PERFECT.RESPONSE.,” a collaboration with musician The Welcome Matt that explores perfectionism and its impacts on the individual and collective body.

Erin: A Blank Canvas

Erin has been checking in with Stance on Dance every year for 11 years, sharing where dance has taken her each year. This year she produced a weekend of dance performances and workshops in San Francisco, and is taking time to decide her next steps.