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Two dancers dressed as patients lay on the floor while a third dancer dressed as a nurse leaps above them.

Dancing the Private Lives of Pilipinx Nurses

Kularts director Alleluia Panis, composer Joshua Icban, and dancer Jonathan Mercado discuss their upcoming production, Nursing These Wounds, a site-specific dance performance investigating the impact of colonization on Pilipinx health and caregiving through the lens of Pilipinx nurses’ history. 

Debra Cash at podium

Responsive to Artists as Humans

Debra Cash, Executive Director of Boston Dance Alliance, shares the myriad ways Boston Dance Alliance has responded to the needs of the dance community throughout 2020.

2019 Day of Dancer Health

Creativity and Resilience

Raélle Dorfan, Executive Director of Dance Resource Center in Los Angeles, discusses the creativity and resilience of the dance community in the face of COVID.