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A compilation of Erin Merritt (right), Andréa Spearman (top left), Megan Wright (lower right)

Tabled: Funding and Social Justice

San Francisco-based theater-maker Erin Merritt, San Francisco-based administrator/dance artist Andréa Spearman, and Brooklyn-based dancer/administrator Megan Wright discuss funding and social justice as part of Chlo and Co’s Tabled series.

2019 Day of Dancer Health

Creativity and Resilience

Raélle Dorfan, Executive Director of Dance Resource Center in Los Angeles, discusses the creativity and resilience of the dance community in the face of COVID.

A Voice of Social Activism

An Interview with Cathy Davalos BY EMMALY WIEDERHOLT Cathy Davalos is a Chicana choreographer and professor of dance at Saint Mary’s College of California in the…

Lessons from Vietnam

BY EMILY NAVARRA; PHOTOS BY OJI VALENCIA Emily Navarra currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She shares her experience navigating the world of Vietnamese…