Articles from the ‘Fat Dance’ collection

Seven dancers in a clump onstage making various shapes

Building Fat Community Through Dance

Jessica Judd and Matilda St. John, co-directors of Big Moves and its performance company emFATic DANCE, discuss how Big Moves has supported and reflected the Bay Area fat community for more than 20 years.

Amy Marie doing an extension in front of a red garage

Promoting Acceptance of All Sizes

Amy Marie, a dancer and model in the Bay Area, shares her experience forging a path for herself and how she has come against prejudice for being a bigger person as well as for not being big enough.

Cathleen sitting in a straddle on the sidewalk wearing a huge black tutu

The Power of Fat Girls Dancing

Cathleen Meredith, founder of FATGIRLSDANCE in New York City, describes how she created a viral dance movement that promotes the visibility of fat dancers everywhere, as well as how negative stereotypes about fat people are untrue and cause physical and emotional harm.