It happened laying on my back

Under an aggression of stars

A realization

That I can be inspired and awestruck by the sky

Because I lay on the earth

And my earthy body gives me everything I need

To localize to a point

That can perceive

In the way that earth matter holds me

I can be wrecked divine

By what the stars can show me

A drawing of a naked woman reclining on a branch.


Tracy Broyles is an embodiment facilitator, dancer, energy worker, writer, artist, and storyteller. Tracy is invested in creating experiences that allow people to engage with her life-long research into how the unseen worlds of the psyche, emotions, energies, and ancestors braid into our tangible physical reality.  She has been based in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years. To contact her or learn more about her work visit

Sarah Groth is an interdisciplinary performer, choreographer, teacher, poet, and mixed medium visual artist. After achieving a degree in Contemporary Dance and Intercultural Communications from the University of New Mexico, Sarah set out as an independent artist and traveler. She has had the privilege of moving, creating, and performing with renowned international artists across the world. Sarah has been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Blue Mesa Review, Daily Lobo, Stance on Dance, and Forty South. Sarah is committed to addressing the complexities of humanness in conjunction with self and community — aiming to bring the intensely intimate forward, creating openness within juxtaposition and identity.