Infused with the Otherworldly

The following illustrations are by Liz Brent-Maldonado and were published in the fall/winter 2023 print publication of Stance on Dance. The illustrations were created on marker paper with pencil, pen, colored pencil, and marker. Juan Ayala is the inspiration for the illustration with the red figure. Enjoy!

An illustration of a blue woman swinging downward toward treasure.


An illustration of a green figure spouting from the ground with one arm missing and bleeding.


An illustration of a red dnacer doing a handstand.


Liz Brent-Maldonado is a multi-disciplinary creator of art, writing, and holistic educational experiences. Originally from Colorado, she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and lived in Kyoto, Japan before moving to San Francisco in 2009. Liz loves design, research, travel, colors, and coffee. Whether curriculum or comics, her favorite projects feature magical realism and the everyday infused with otherworldly or surreal elements. For more:

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