The Movement of Becoming


Editor’s note: The following illustrations and poetry were created by Sarah Groth for the fall 2022/winter 2023 print publication of Stance on Dance. Sarah’s only direction was to create something related to dance and movement. Enjoy!


It sinks.


Everything inside.

Swirling. Holding. Pushing.

Illustration of a fat woman leaning back from the side against a turquoise background.


The pieces are floating.

Blown into expansiveness.


The body emerges.

An illustration of a person leaning back and reaching for a plant with a shower spraying over them.


Beyond the bounds.

Ebbing in stillness.

Connections held.

The movement of becoming.

An illustration of a person lying on their back with their feet in the air. An octopus swims behind them and a hand without a wrist gently points toward them.

Sarah Groth (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist working within the realms of dance, choreography, and mixed medium visual art. Sarah graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance and Intercultural Communications from the University of New Mexico. She was a 2022 UETF (Urban Enhancement Trust Fund) Resiliency Residency awardee, working on an interdisciplinary piece, bodies. Sarah has been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Blue Mesa Review, and Daily Lobo. Currently traveling and working internationally, she is addressing the complexities of the body — aiming to bring the intensely intimate forward to invoke the heartbreakingly beautiful heterogeneity of being human.