Dancing (on a high wire)

Happy National Poetry Month from Stance on Dance!


You can be a high wire dancer in many ways, not just on a high wire.


I need to balance

like a wire dancer


that every single step is

hard to take


I must balance myself

say what I want

as this is no guessing game

leave if that’s what you want

or I will lose you


I need to keep my distance

stand still and freeze

to keep an eye on the events

even if the best place to be

is close to you


I must learn to bide my time

keep waiting

on the high wire

but not too long

or you’ll be gone

without a smile

without me being able

to ask you to keep my feet on solid ground

because every dancer needs a break

no dancer is perfect right away


so please

tell me

if this is going too fast

tell me

if I’m getting too close

and don’t forget

to look after me

every once in a while


Dr. Petra Anders loves to write poems. As an academic with disabilities, her research includes different aspects of the representation of disability in film as well as disability studies and gender. Petra’s research draws on her belief that differences between people should not only be recognized but accepted. For more information, please check out her website: http://petraanders.de/barrierearm-accessible/.